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Ram Navami

Jai Shree Ram , Jai Bajrang Bali


राम जन्मोत्सव महूर्त - बुधवार, 17 अप्रैल 2024

Ram Navami Mahurat on April 17 will start from 11:02 am and will continue till 1:26 am.

Ram Navami, the auspicious celebration of Lord Rama‘s birth, holds profound significance in Hindu culture and tradition. Observed on the ninth day (Navami) of the Chaitra month in the Hindu calendar.

Ram Navami marks the birth anniversary of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the central figure of the epic Ramayana. This sacred festival is celebrated with immense fervour and devotion by millions of devotees across the globe, resonating with the timeless values of righteousness, virtue, and dharma embodied by Lord Rama.

Ram Navami , Celebrations , Ram Navami Muhurat, Ram Puja , रामनवमी , राम जन्मोत्सव महूर्त

राम नवमी महूर्त

Ram Navami is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated every year by Ram and Hanuman devotees Hindus. Ram Navami will fall on Wednesday, April 17 this year. The auspicious Hindu festival marks the birth anniversary of Lord Rama.

The auspicious Mahurat time for the worship of Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram on April 17 will start from 11:02 am and will continue till 1:26 am.

Ram Navami Origins And Significance

The origins of Ram Navami trace back to ancient times, with its roots deeply embedded in Hindu mythology and scriptures. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama was born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya in the kingdom of Ayodhya.

His birth is believed to have occurred at noon on the ninth day of the bright half of the Chaitra month, under the cosmic alignment of the Punarvasu Nakshatra.

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The epic Ramayana story narrates the divine saga of Lord Rama’s life, his righteous deeds, and his ultimate triumph over the demon king Ravana. Lord Rama’s unwavering adherence to truth, integrity, and dharma has inspired countless generations and continues to resonate with devotees of all ages.

Celebration And Observance

Ram Navami is celebrated with great pomp and splendor in various parts of India and around the world. Devotees observe fasts, perform special prayers and rituals, and participate in religious processions and festivities to honor the birth of Lord Rama.

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  1. Morning Prayers: Devotees wake up early in the morning and offer prayers to Lord Rama, seeking his blessings for prosperity, peace, and happiness.
  2. Ram Katha: Recitations of the Ramayana and narrations of Lord Rama’s divine exploits are conducted in temples and community gatherings, emphasizing the significance of righteousness and moral values.
  3. Bhajans and Kirtans: Devotional songs and hymns dedicated to Lord Rama are sung by devotees, invoking his divine grace and seeking his protection.
  4. Temple Visits: Devotees visit temples dedicated to Lord Rama, offering floral garlands, fruits, and sweets as offerings to the deity.
  5. Distribution of Prasad: Prasad, sanctified food offered to the deity, is distributed among devotees as a symbol of divine blessings and grace.

Cultural Festivities

  1. Ratha Yatra: In some regions, elaborate processions are organized, featuring colorful chariots carrying idols of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman. These processions traverse through the streets, accompanied by music, dance, and chants of “Jai Shri Ram.”
  2. Stage Performances: Cultural programs depicting scenes from the Ramayana are staged in theaters and public venues, showcasing the epic’s timeless message of righteousness and victory of good over evil.
  3. Community Meals: Devotees participate in community feasts and meals, sharing the joy and camaraderie of the festive occasion.

Significance And Spiritual Essence

Ram Navami holds profound significance beyond its religious and cultural dimensions. It serves as a reminder of the eternal principles of dharma (righteousness), love, compassion, and selflessness embodied by Lord Rama. His life and teachings inspire devotees to uphold moral values, overcome adversity with courage and resilience, and strive for the greater good of humanity.

The celebration of Ram Navami fosters a sense of unity, harmony, and brotherhood among people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, transcending barriers of caste, creed, and nationality. It reinforces the universal message of peace, tolerance, and mutual respect, fostering a collective sense of spiritual awakening and divine grace.

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In conclusion, Ram Navami stands as a beacon of hope, faith, and devotion, illuminating the hearts and minds of millions with the divine radiance of Lord Rama’s love and compassion.

As devotees come together to celebrate the birth of the Maryada Purushottam, they are reminded of the eternal truth that righteousness will always prevail over darkness, and the victory of dharma will herald a new era of peace, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

On this sacred occasion of Ram Navami, let us immerse ourselves in the divine grace of Lord Rama, seeking his blessings to guide us on the path of righteousness and lead us towards a future filled with love, harmony, and spiritual fulfillment. Jai Shri Ram!

Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami, the auspicious occasion celebrating the birth of Lord Rama, is observed with great devotion and reverence by millions of Hindus around the world.

Performing puja on this day is considered highly auspicious and brings blessings of health, prosperity, and spiritual well-being. Here’s a brief guide to the materials and process (Puja Vidhi) for Ram Navami puja:

Puja Material

  1. Idol or Image of Lord Rama: Obtain a small idol or image of Lord Rama, preferably made of metal or stone, for the puja. A Ram Darbar idol is considered very auspicious for the Puja ritual. Ram Darbar idol include Lord Rama , Sita , Lakshmana and Hanuman.Ram Darbar Idol For Puja
  2. Puja Altar: Set up a clean and sacred space for the puja, preferably facing east or northeast direction. Place a clean cloth preferably in Red colour on the altar to serve as a base for the puja items. The altar is decorated by Rangoli decoration.
  3. Pooja Kalash : The Pooja Kalash, also known as the Kalash or Purna Kalash, is a sacred vessel used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing abundance, purity, and divinity. Typically made of brass, copper, or silver, the Kalash is filled with water and adorned with mango leaves, coconut, and auspicious symbols. It represents the divine presence and serves as a focal point for invoking blessings during pujas and rituals. The water-filled Kalash symbolizes the primordial cosmic waters from which creation emerged, and its presence signifies the completeness and fullness of the divine blessings invoked during the ceremony.Puja Kalash , Shri Ram Puja Vidhi
  4. Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) And Kapoor: Light incense sticks to create a fragrant atmosphere and invoke divine blessings. A Bhimseni Kapoor is well known for its auspicious properties in seeking the divine blessings.
  5. Lamp (Diya): Light a lamp filled with pure desi cow ghee or oil as a symbol of illumination and enlightenment.
  6. Flowers: Offer fresh flowers, preferably marigold or lotus flowers, to the deity as a symbol of devotion and purity.
  7. Fruits: Offer fruits such as bananas, apples, and oranges as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.
  8. Prasad: Prepare a simple offering of sweets, preferably jaggery or fruits, to offer to the deity and distribute as prasad to devotees.
  9. Water: Keep a bowl of clean potable water for sprinkling on the deity and purifying the surroundings. A small quantity of Ganga water is considered highly auspicious for the puja. Ganga water, revered for its purity and sanctity, is used in Hindu puja rituals to symbolize spiritual cleansing and divine blessings. It is believed to carry the purifying essence of the sacred Ganges River, bringing auspiciousness and auspiciousness to the worshipper’s life. Other miscellaneous material includes Panchamrit, saffron, milk , turmeric, Chandan lape and Ganga water.
  10. Bell: Keep a small bell to ring during the puja to ward off negative energies and invoke divine presence.

Puja Vidhi

How To Perform Ram Navami Puja ?

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  1.  Purification: Begin the puja by purifying yourself and the puja space. Take a bath and wear clean clothes. Sprinkle water on the altar and surroundings.
  2. Puja Altar Preparation : A special puja small platform altar is setup a clean and sacred space for the puja, preferably facing east or northeast direction. Place a clean cloth preferably in Red colour on the altar to serve as a base for the puja items. The altar is decorated by Rangoli.
  3. Invocation: Light the lamp and incense sticks. Chant the following mantra to invoke the presence of Lord Rama: “ॐ श्री रामाय नमः” (Om Shri Ramaya Namah)
  4. Offerings: Offer flowers, fruits, and prasad to the deity while chanting prayers and mantras dedicated to Lord Rama. You can recite the Ramcharitmanas, Ramayana, Ram Raksha Stotra or any other devotional hymns.
  5. Aarti: Perform aarti by waving the lit lamp in a clockwise direction in front of the deity. Sing or recite the Hanuman Chalisa or other devotional songs dedicated to Lord Rama.
  6. Prayer and Meditation: Offer your prayers and desires to Lord Rama, seeking his blessings for health, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Meditate on the divine qualities of Lord Rama and contemplate his teachings.
  7. Conclusion: Conclude the puja by bowing down before the deity and seeking forgiveness for any shortcomings in the worship. Distribute prasad to family members and devotees.
  8. Cleanup: Dispose of the puja materials properly and clean the puja space. Reserve the prasad for consumption later or distribute it among family and friends.

Performing puja on Ram Navami with devotion and sincerity brings immense spiritual merit and blessings from Lord Rama. May the divine grace of Lord Rama shower upon you and your loved ones, filling your lives with peace, prosperity, and happiness. Jai Shri Ram!

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