How Did Hanuman Find Sita , Search For Sita , हनुमान ने सीता की खोज कैसे की , Ramayana

Hanuman’s Search For Sita

सीता की खोज

Rama Entrusted Hanuman to Search Sita Abducted by Demon Ravana. Hanuman Embarks on a Mission And Eventually Finds Sita in Captivity in Lanka.

Hanuman’s search for Sita is an excellent demonstration of Hanuman’s divine powers, courage, intelligence, and dedication. Hanuman’s search mission to find Sita is one of the most iconic and pivotal episodes in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Rama entrusted his most trusted Hanuman to search Sita. Sita, Rama’s wife, accompanied him on exile along with Lakshmana. Driven by his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his deep sense of duty, Hanuman embarks on a daring mission to find Sita, who has been abducted by the demon king Ravana.

Lord Hanuman's Finds Sita In Lanka

Hanumans Search For Sita , Search For Sita , हनुमान ने सीता की खोज कैसे की , Ramayana

Hanuman starts his search mission based on the traces of objects left behind by Sita, information shared by Jatayu, and guidance from various sages. Sampati had seen Ravana carry Sita away to Lanka, and he told Hanuman where to find her.

During Sita’s abduction by Ravana, the valiant eagle Jatayu confronts the demon king in a fierce battle. Despite being aged, Jatayu valiantly defends Sita, refusing to let her be taken by force. With his sharp talons and mighty wings, Jatayu engages Ravana in combat, inflicting wounds upon him in a desperate attempt to protect Sita.

However, Ravana, with his superior strength, overpowers Jatayu, severing his wings and leaving him gravely injured. Jatayu shares crucial information with Rama. Despite his heroic efforts, Jatayu’s sacrifice becomes a crucial moment in the Ramayana, symbolizing loyalty, valor, and sacrifice in the face of evil.

Jatayu Confronts Demon King Ravana To Protect Sita

Jatayu Confronts Ravana , Search For Sita , Ramayana Story, Sita Abduction

Hanuman's Search For Sita

Hanuman Finds Sita In Ashok Vatika

Sita identifies Hanuman as the messenger of Rama when he presents her with a significant token: Rama’s ring. As Hanuman begins to convey Rama’s message, he reveals the ring, which carries the royal insignia and is imbued with Rama’s divine presence.

Sita, recognizing the ring as a symbol of her husband’s love and authority, is overcome with emotion. She realizes that only someone entrusted by Rama himself could possess such a precious item. With tears of joy and relief, Sita acknowledges Hanuman as Rama’s loyal messenger, reaffirming her faith and hope in their eventual reunion.

Sita Gives Her Ring To Hanuman For Rama

Hanuman's Search For Sita Mata , लंका दहन , Hanuman In Lanka

Hanuman's Search For Sita

Hanuman Set Lanka On Fire

Sita gives her ring to Hanuman as a token to convey her unwavering love, loyalty, and devotion to Rama. The ring serves as a symbol of her enduring connection to her beloved husband despite the trials of separation. By entrusting the ring to Hanuman, Sita expresses her heartfelt desire for Rama’s swift return and her faith in Hanuman’s ability to deliver her message faithfully.

Additionally, the ring serves as tangible proof of her identity and strengthens the bond between Hanuman and Rama’s cause, reinforcing their shared commitment to reuniting with each other.

Hanuman Also Delivers Message To Ravana

Hanuman Finds Sita . Lanka Dahan

Hanuman embarks on a perilous journey to find Sita, abducted by Ravana. After reaching Lanka, he discovers Sita imprisoned in the Ashoka grove. Assuring her of Rama’s love, Hanuman gathers intelligence on Ravana’s forces.

Despite being captured and tormented, he sets Lanka ablaze with his tail. Hanuman returns to Rama, conveying Sita’s location and delivering her message of hope. His unwavering devotion and daring exploits pave the way for the eventual rescue of Sita and the triumph of righteousness over evil.

How Did Hanuman Find Sita

Hanuman's Search For Sita - Major Milestones

Driven by devotion, Hanuman leaps across the ocean to Lanka in search for Sita. He infiltrates Ravana’s kingdom, locates Sita in the Ashoka grove, and assures her of Rama’s love. Despite facing trials and capture, Hanuman’s unwavering resolve ignites a chain of events that leads to victory. Here’s how Hanuman’s search for Sita unfolds:

1. Journey to Lanka:

After learning of Sita’s abduction, Lord Rama’s loyal devotee, Hanuman, decides to locate her as per the mission assigned by Rama. With his extraordinary divine powers and ability to change his size at will, Hanuman leaps across the ocean from the southern tip of India to the island kingdom of Lanka, where Ravana‘s fortress is situated. On the way to Lanka, Hanuman overcomes many obstacles and challenges.

Hanuman Flying To Lanka

Hanumans Journey To Lanka , Hanuman Flying To Lanka , Hanumans Search For Sita

Hanuman's Search For Sita

2. Arrival in Lanka:

Hanuman by virtue of his divine powers was able to reduce his size to get into stealth mode. Upon reaching Lanka, Hanuman transforms into a diminutive form to avoid detection and begins his search for Sita. He marvels at the splendor of the city but remains focused on his mission.

3. Locating Sita:

Hanuman’s first mission objective was to find Sita in Lanka. The search leads him to the grove of Ashoka trees called “Ashoka Vatika”, where Sita is held captive. Since Sita was surrounded by many daemonesses, Hanuman had to approach Sita Mata very carefully.

Disguising himself as a wandering mendicant, Hanuman approaches Sita and reveals his true identity as messenger of Rama (Ramaduta), bringing her hope and reassurance in her time of despair.

Hanuman Finds Sita In Lanka

Hanuman Finds Sita . Search For Sita , Ramayana

4. Assuring Sita:

Hanuman disclosed his identity and delivers Lord Rama’s message of love and devotion to Sita, assuring her that her virtue and honour remain intact despite her captivity. He describes Rama’s grief and determination to rescue her, filling her with renewed strength and faith. For this reason, Hanuman is often referred to as Ramaduta meaning messanger of Rama.

Hanuman Meets Sita In Lanka

Hanuman Finds Sita . Hanuman Delivers Message To Sita , Ashoka Vatika

Hanuman's Search For Sita

5. Assessing Ravana's Strength:

Before departing from Lanka, Hanuman’s next mission objective was intelligence gathering. He surveys Lanka city, Ravana’s palace and military might, gathering valuable intelligence. This information provided crucial insight to Rama to strategize and plan for future efforts to confront the demon king Ravana on his battle ground.

6. Display of Power:

Hanumans next achievement in this search mission is to deliver message to Ravana.  In a display of his extraordinary powers, Hanuman enlarges himself to demonstrate his might and to strike fear into the hearts of Ravana’s forces. He wreaks havoc in the city, burning buildings and defeating demons, showcasing his prowess as a warrior and servant of Lord Rama.

7. Capture and Escape:

Hanuman’s actions attract the attention of Ravana’s son, Indrajit (Meghanada), who launches a counterattack and captures Hanuman using powerful celestial weapons. Despite being bound and imprisoned, Hanuman maintains his composure and awaits an opportunity to escape.

Indrajit, Ravana’s son, and a skilled warrior, deployed celestial weapons Brahmastra against Hanuman. Despite Hanuman’s agility and strength, Indrajit’s strategic use of powerful weapons created a temporary advantage. Hanuman was ensnared by Brahmastra, a divine weapon, rendering him momentarily incapacitated.

Meghnath Uses Brahmastra On Hanuman

Meghnath Use Brahmastra On Hanuman , Ramayana , Hanuman In Lanka

Seizing the opportunity, Indrajit’s forces swiftly captured Hanuman. Though bound and imprisoned, Hanuman’s resilience remained unshaken, awaiting an opportunity to escape and continue his mission to serve Lord Rama.

Hanuman's Escape From Lanka

Meghnath Use Brahmastra On Hanuman , Hanuman Escape From Lanka

Hanuman's Search For Sita

8. Burning of Lanka:

Hanuman eventually manages to escape from Brahmastra celestial weapon used by Ravana’s son Meghnada (Indrajit). Seizing a moment of vulnerability, Hanuman breaks free from his captors and sets Lanka ablaze with his fiery tail, causing chaos and destruction across the city. His actions serve as a warning to demon king Ravana and demonstrate the consequences of his defiance against Lord Rama.

Hanuman Burns Lanka

Hanuman Burns Lanka , Escape From Lanka , Ramayana Story , लंका दहन

9. Hanuman Returns to Lord Rama:

Having completed his mission and delivered Lord Rama’s message to Sita, Hanuman prepares to return to the mainland. He rejoins Lord Rama’s allies, including the monkey army led by Sugriva and the valiant warrior Lakshmana. Hanuman provides crucial insights to Rama regarding Ravana’s strengths and weakness, which immensely helped Rama to strategize in the final battle against Ravana.

Hanuman Returns To Lanka

Search For Sita , Hanuman Return From Lanka , Hanuman Returns To Rama


Hanuman's Search For Sita

In summary, Hanuman’s search for Sita is a testament to his unwavering devotion, courage, and selflessness. His journey to Lanka, discovery of Sita’s whereabouts, and subsequent actions showcase his extraordinary powers and commitment to serving Lord Rama’s cause. Hanuman’s role in the Ramayana remains eternally revered, embodying the ideals of loyalty, righteousness, and divine grace.

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